Who Does Personal Injury Protection Cover?


Personal Injury Protection, otherwise known as PIP, is required to operate a vehicle in the State of Florida. Personal Injury Protection is also known as no-fault insurance, which is why this type of insurance is required in our no-fault state. 

As the name suggests, the function of Personal Injury Protection is to cover the injuries sustained in an accident. This means that it does not cover any damages to property. 

So who does a Personal Injury Protection plan cover exactly? Let’s discuss!

Who is covered? 

When it comes to car accidents, it’s not always cut and dry. Whether you’re involved in a multi-car pile-up or a fender bender, serious injuries can come as a result. It can be alarming and confusing to try to understand how each person will get compensation, not to mention playing the blame game. 

However, with PIP insurance, pointing the finger becomes less necessary. The purpose of PIP insurance is to cover the injuries sustained to you, the driver, and your passengers. 

Who is not covered?

Essentially, anyone outside of your vehicle will not be covered by PIP insurance. Since the state of Florida requires all drivers to carry Personal Injury Protection, any other driver involved should be covered by their own insurance plan. 

 This means that compensation and settlements should be resolved through the insurance company rather than any other driver that is involved.

What does my PIP insurance plan cover?

If you’re required to seek compensation from your insurance company, what can you expect to be compensated for exactly? 

Medical Expenses

Many injuries that result from a bad car accident require extensive medical treatment. Medical expenses related to your car accident should be covered by your insurance plan. We encourage victims to seek the medical care they need as soon as possible and keep a detailed record of their injuries, medical treatments, and associated costs. 

Lost Wages

If you sustained an injury that put you out of work or required you to miss work frequently, those lost wages should be covered by your PIP plan. If your injuries required frequent visits to receive medical treatment or your day-to-day function has suffered due to injuries from an accident, keep a record of the wages lost, days of work missed, and the associated cause.

Quality of Life

Some injuries caused by car accidents can diminish the quality of life. You may find yourself no longer able to do mundane tasks like yark work or keeping up the house. Work with your attorney to calculate the expenses involved in maintaining your quality of life post-accident.

Funeral Costs and Survivors’ Loss

If you’ve lost a loved one in a car accident, funeral costs should be covered under a personal injury protection plan. 

In addition, PIP plans may cover the loss of income for surviving dependents when a driver is killed in a car accident. 

We understand that losing a loved one is extremely difficult and we want you to know that it’s important to have an attorney on your side to get you the compensation you are owed. 

No matter the circumstances, PIP insurance is put in place to cover you as the driver. If you’re finding difficulty getting compensation, reach out to an attorney today.

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