What You Need To Know About Distracted Driving


As more technology has come into the scene, distracted driving has become a well-known public hazard. Unfortunately, reading a quick text or searching for a song to play can feel harmless. However, distracted driving can be fatal, not only to you but other drivers and pedestrians on the road. 

There are some important points to consider when you brave the roads. An accident caused by distracted driving can be tricky, whether you were the cause of the accident or not. Read on below for more information.

Distracted Driving in Florida

With the current laws in place, Florida remains a no-fault state for the time being. This being the case, distracted driving does pose an interesting challenge for those wishing to seek compensation or a settlement from their insurance company. If you are determined to have caused an accident as a result of distracted driving (or drunk driving for that matter) you will more than likely endure a difficult path to compensation. 

Texting while driving

Research has shown that texting and driving have become increasingly problematic, despite the laws set in place. While only a secondary offense, texting and driving are illegal in the State of Florida, and if you are found to have caused an accident in this manner and become injured, you may be in trouble. 

Insurance companies make it difficult to reach a settlement under any circumstance, given the opportunity, insurance adjusters will do all they can to avoid paying out compensation. It is best to observe all traffic laws as this could hurt your settlement in the case that you become injured while driving. 

What if a distracted driver caused the accident?

As previously mentioned, under normal circumstances with injuries covered by your Personal Injury Protection plan, you would not seek compensation from the other driver. 

If the injuries incurred as a result of another driver’s negligence are serious with medical bills that far exceed the compensation provided by your PIP insurance, you may be entitled to sue the other driver for additional damages. 

Steps to Take After a Distracted Driving Accident

With any vehicle accident that causes you to become injured, seek the necessary medical attention right away. Do not delay receiving medical treatments as this may hurt your personal injury case in the long run. 

Report the accident to the authorities and be diligent in gathering evidence and documentation to support your case, including photos. 

Contact an attorney as soon as you can to begin the process to gain compensation from your insurance company. You will need to notify your provider of your accident, but it can be helpful to do so with the guidance of a skilled attorney. Working with insurance adjusters can be tricky, especially if distracted driving was a factor in the accident.

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