How to Switch Lawyers


During any personal injury case, you may find yourself frustrated and at odds with your attorney. Working closely with someone on something so crucial and, at times, intimate, can cause strain and resentment. 

Truthfully, as with any industry, there are some attorneys that do not put their clients’ best interest first and you may find yourself in a situation like this one day.

It’s important to know that you have options and keep in mind that your attorney works for you. If you’re not satisfied with your legal representation, you are allowed to switch lawyers. Read on for our advice on how to make the switch.

Can you change attorneys during a personal injury case? 

You can change attorneys during a personal injury case. Technically, you can make this switch at almost any point during your case. However, there are better and worse times to make such changes. It’s important to consult with your new attorney prior to officially making the switch. Keep working with your current attorney until you and your new representation discuss the optimal time to change things up. 

What are common reasons to switch attorneys?

  • Communication issues
  • Your case is at a stand still
  • You and your attorney have differing opinions on how to handle the case
  • Your attorney wants you to settle for less than you deserve
  • You just don’t like the way your attorney is going about your case

How to Change Lawyers in Florida

The process of changing your attorney really depends on where you’re at in your case. If you’ve already taken things to the level of filing a court case, you’ll have more hoops to go through. Since a case has already been started with one attorney, you’ll be required to file a Substitution of Counsel with the court system in Florida. 

It is a much more simple process to switch lawyers prior to filing a court case. You can simply have your new attorney tell your prior attorney that they will be taking you on as a client. If you’re thinking about making the switch to a new attorney, we urge you to continue working with your current representation until you have secured a new lawyer. It is risky to make big changes as you don’t want to miss any important deadlines. 

Are there any extra costs or fees for switching attorneys?

This will truly depend on your agreement with your first attorney and how they charge for their services. In most cases, there will not be any extra costs for switching attorneys, as most personal injury attorneys charge only after winning your case. There may be circumstances where the two attorneys will split their portion of the settlement but as the client, you should not incur any additional fees or costs.

Are you experiencing disappointment with your attorney on your personal injury case? 

If you’re looking to make a switch from your current representation, consider reaching out to us here at Pipas Law. Our attorneys are skilled and experienced with personal injury cases and are ready to help you get back to living your life after injury. 

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