How Personal Injuries Can Impact Your Earning Ability Long Term


In the world of personal injury law, lost wages are discussed frequently. When we refer to lost wages, we’re talking about the pay you lose out on from missed work during the process of a personal injury case. From medical treatment to extended healing, lost wages encompass the time necessary to get back to work after an accident. 

A concept you may be less familiar with is the impact an accident can have on your earning ability in the long term. Read along for an in depth look at how personal injuries can negatively impact your earning ability.

Lost Wages VS Loss of Earning Capacity

So what is the difference between lost wages and lost earning capacity? As we stated above, lost wages are calculated for the amount of work you’ve missed during a personal injury case, whereas loss of earning capacity is a little more tricky to calculate.

You can encounter both types of damages in a personal injury case, if injuries are serious, it is likely that you will want to receive a settlement that includes compensation for both. If you’re left after an accident with severe, lifelong injuries, it is important to factor this into your future and how you plan to get by. 

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How to determine if I qualify for loss of earning capacity?

Throughout any personal injury case, it’s important to work closely with your attorney and your doctors. Your doctors will be able to determine the severity of your injuries and how they will impact the rest of your work life. If your doctor deems your injuries to be severe with long-term effects on your potential employment, your attorney will gather the necessary information and documentation to provide within your case. 

Documentation that may be needed:

  • Medical records
  • Statements from your doctors 
  • Information regarding your job duties
  • Documentation regarding your income and changes after the accident
  • Any other information that your attorney finds may support your case

The Importance of Expert Testimony

When presenting the information and documentation to support your arguments, expert testimony is arguably the most crucial component to a case regarding earning ability. Not only are you left with potential pain for life, you’re also unsure how you’ll care for your family – not to mention as the world becomes increasingly more expensive! By consulting with professionals to back up your arguments, you set yourself up for a stronger case that will have more hold when the time comes. 

In any personal injury case, documentation is very important. Without extensive documentation, you run the risk of a weak argument. Lost wages are a serious matter and when it comes to lost earning ability, you’re not only enduring lifelong pain, you’re also put in a more difficult situation to simply stay afloat. 

When you have a family to care for and responsibilities to hold up, it can feel overwhelming to worry about healing and getting back to work. If you find yourself left with serious injuries with lifelong repercussions, reach out to one of our attorneys here at Pipas

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