Auto Body Repair Shops for Car Accidents in Tampa


From what to do at the scene to dealing with the aftermath, a car accident can continue to affect your life long after the collision itself. If this is the first car accident you’ve been in, this is all new territory. 

Today we’re going to discuss how to best go about repairing your vehicle post-accident. 

Whether the damage to your vehicle is severe or not, you have options when it comes to getting the damage repaired. And if your vehicle is totaled, know that you can and should seek compensation. 

Let’s dive right into the issue at hand. 

Do I have to Use a Pre-Approved Body Shop?

When your insurance adjuster contacts you, they will often present you with a list of their pre-approved and recommended body shops. Insurance adjusters will do their best to convince you that you should pick a repair shop from this list and move along. By all means, call these shops for quotes, but don’t stop there. You are able to shop around for quotes and we definitely recommend this to all of our clients. You do not have to use a pre-approved auto body shop. Ask around for recommendations from people you trust!

How to Ask for a Quote

  • Explain the repairs needed and ask for a base price or general pricing information. (Repairs, labor, parts, etc.)
  • Ask for a timeframe. When will they be able to start and how long should the repairs take to be complete?
  • Consider how payment will be made. Is this a Pre-Approved body shop or will payment be handled separately? Discuss this with your attorney. 

Remember, collect multiple quotes from a variety of sources. Present this to your insurance company for consideration with your compensation. If you need help getting started, we’ve put together a list of a few options here in the Tampa area.

Auto Body Shops in Tampa 

Cardinal Auto Paint & Body Shop

606 N Newport Ave, Tampa, FL 33606

Open: Mon-Fri, 8AM-5PM

(813) 253-5961

Marcelo’s Body Shop & Collision

6200 North Nebraska Avenue, Tampa, FL 33604

Open: Mon-Fri, 8AM-5:30PM

(813) 562-7440

A&S Body Shop

5509 E Kirby St, Tampa, FL 33617

Open: Mon- Fri, 8AM-5PM

(813) 988-7055

Getting Repairs After an Accident

Once you’ve taken the time to shop around and consider payment options, timeframe, and even customer service and quality work – you should feel comfortable making a decision regarding where you’d like to take your vehicle for repairs. 

You may opt to stick with an option suggested by your insurance provider or perhaps you’ve found a different option through your own research. Wherever you decide to take your vehicle for repairs after an accident, we hope you feel comfortable with your choice. 

No matter what you decide, the process can be stressful. If you’re curious about how an attorney can help you with your car accident case, reach out to us at Pipas Law. Our experienced attorneys are ready to help you navigate your case.

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